genius loci

Using regenerative permaculture practices on the plot of land which I steward, I follow songlines, intuition, dreams, symbol, and metaphor to recognize and honor the spirits presiding over and guarding this particular place.


“I’d read that. Do you still have it?” he said eagerly when I explained I had started a blog in 2009 to document my urban homestead experiments. “Well, it turned into a journal of my personal search for meaning, and I was uncomfortable sharing that in public. The Internet started to seem really loud and commercialized, and I deleted it all,” I replied.

Weeks later, his crestfallen face lingered in my mind. I’ve traveled far enough along my spiral path that my disparate interests have a coherence and integrity that I couldn’t see then. It is time to share stories of my figurative and literal chthonic journeys in search of the Black Madonna.